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Fun Photo's

Here's the deal! You can sit in my chair if I can play in your pen!
Malia and Zelda

Malia is a year older and a new litter of puppies but she loves those puppies!!!!


Troy going home with his new daddy!

Hannah & Leah Kaiser are not just sister's, but we maybe witnessing a future Dog Show Judge & Canine Cardiologist! Of course we have to mention their willing volunteer is "Ciara" Ch. Cachet's Ciara who is one month shy of her twelfth birthday!

Hey, I'm only 4 hours old......can you slow this vehicle down........I think I'm getting car sick!!!!!!! Pictured heading to the vet for the birth of the last puppy. Actually there were two others in the basket but this one kept peaking out.

The Tea Party...Ripley & Rose Penney (the girls are twins) and Murphy


Jetter & Rocco--------------Bradley and his pool!

Our first Min-Pin Chilli with her litter mates! Well she thought so!!!

Damon the cat was sure he would go unnoticed if he took a nap in the whelping box.....wrong!

Clay..Diane..Lenny--------------------ABC 2008

Lenny & Mad Max